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Realtime Data Logging Output


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Is it possible to output the ECU (G4+ or G4x) data (selected parameters only) to a webserver? I just want some way to view the temps and pressures of various sensors plus a few other things the ECU captures while the car is racing in real-time (or close to it). Apologies if this has been added to the wish list or asked before. I did "man look" over the forums before posting.



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A few different ways you can do telemetry.  There are some lowcost dedicated telemetry devices with their own software such as racecapture pro or racetechnology RT live.

I know some guys use a small PC such as an intel NUC in the car with a 4G dongle and remote desktop connection, example here: https://fb.watch/8zAQPDG_h8/  or another option is an android USB server such as USBhere which you would use with PC Link.  

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