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Mazda RX-7 Trigger Calibration with the Waveform


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Hi all, I am new with Link ECU.
I am using Link G4X Xtremex wire-in with Mazda RX-7 S6.

I tried to set up trriger calibration, but I could not find clearly OEM marks on crank angle sensor plate.

So I am thinking of setting up a trigger calibration by observing the crank angle signal G and the leading ignition signal with an oscilloscope.

Since the crank angle signal G of RX-7 indicates BTDC +5deg,
If the leading ignition timing is set to +5deg by Link ECU, the falling edge of the crank angle signal G and the falling edge of the leading ignition signal will be at the same timing.
Is my understanding correct?

I attached image of the waveform.



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