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Vipec Wrx V1-2 Ecu Question


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I have a Vipec WRX V1-2 Ecu in the 11xxx serial range.  PCB Rev 1.2.  I am looking at one of these gauges:


I've read through the documentation on the pc link cable and I didn't see this specific topic posted elsewhere in the forum.  My question is, can my ecu run canbus to the gauge and data log from the usb to the pc at the same time?  It sounds like there may be limitations on what can be done, but I wanted to double check.


Thanks for the help!

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Yes, CAN is fine with PC Comms at the same time.  You just need to make sure only the CAN H/L pins in the 6 pin connector have wires connected to them.  Use the bare CANF plug and solder your own two wires in is the best option.  Dont use the old CANDASH cable which also has the serial wires connected as this will interrupt PC comms.  



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