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Link G4X GTTLink NGTT Coil firing when ignition "on"


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Having this puzzling intermittent issue where i have coil firing when i switch ignition to "on".

Is there something i can do easily on my end to diagnose the issue or is there an underlying issue with the hardware/software?

Car does everything well besides this and has no other glaring problems.

Car is RB30DET with wiring specialties loom.

Thanks in advance,



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Some of the early G4X ecu's had a hardware problem that would cause this on specific cars - mostly subarus and BMW's from what I have seen, but it sounds like you are possibly suffering from this.  Contact [email protected] with a subject such as "backfire at key on" and they can possibly check if your serial is one of the early one's and if it is get it back for a hardware update.  

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