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Tuning a 2JZ after hybrid twin turbo install


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i'm a beginner in tuning with Link G4+ ECU, so my question is probably stupid, but here it is.

I'm installing new hybrid twin turbos on my 2JZ-GTE VVTi. It's currently tuned for stock twins, at 1.2b. New turbos have bigger wheels in exhaust sides as well as in intake side. 

I'm pretty sure that i will have to tune VE fuel map for the new turbos, and i'm pretty comfortable with that as i already tweaked fuel supply after some changes on my fuel pressure.

But i was wondering if my ignition table will have to be reworked to match the new turbos ? Assuming i'm not getting over the current max boost pressure. Sure there will be more air flow with these bigger turbos, but is the ignition have to be adapted as well ?


Thank you !

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