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R33Gtst link g4+ cam and crank trigger


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Hi ladies and gents,

First ever time trying link I've had it for 6years and due to health problems not had chance to play with my car,


Now I'm starting to play with it and learning

Not a problem with the link, I'm learning,

However I have purchased a cam and crank trigger kit to do away with the origional cas, 


I have spent all day trying to find out the pin configuration of the 2 bosch sensors


Cam sensor is 

Bosch 0232103052 3 pin,


Crank sensor is 

Bosch 0281002175 3 pin

All I need to know is what each pin for the relevant sensor is for as I need to make a loom to convert from the cas to this trigger kit

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Said cam instead of crank
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Pics below are looking into the sensor housing:

Cam is a hall effect, pins left to right: 12V, signal, ground:



Crank is a reluctor, pins left to right: Signal, ground, shield.  You can connect the shied to ground if the shield is not available to connect to in the factory loom.


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Thankyou exactly the information I needed  the shield bit had boggled my mind, 

No doubt I'll be back with more questions,


I have read nearly every post regarding stuff I am unsure of,


Thankyou for your perfect and quick reply, 


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