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Haltech keypad to link fury x


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Hey guys 

I've got a stagea with a link furyx g4x ecu and is running a haltech IC7 dash, key pad & they are wanting to run torque splitter for the 4wd. part number :HT-038000

I've sorted out the dash but can't sort out how to setup up the keypad in the ecu or the can and no one can tell me where to or how to wire the torque splitter ( part number :HT-038000 )into the link & then setup onto the keypad 


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CAN keypads arent yet supported.  There are plans to in the future, but no time frame on it at the moment.  Im not sure what you want to use the HT038000 for, that is a device to generate an analog output from an aux output signal.  You could use it to generate the TPS signal for the attesa, but generally it would be easier to use the HT038001.  


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