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Pnp sr20det g4x connectivity issue


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I’m installing a g4x pnp on a Sr20 coming from a power fc and the ecu is not connecting to the laptop to get it set up to run. I’ve tried to unplug the header off the ecu a few different times to make sure it’s seated properly. Have checked and have 12v at the ecu plug as well. Anything to check for? The tuning cable is plugged in where it needs to be as well 

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Ok, The ECU has no power then.  You are going to have to do some digging, hopefully you have a test light or multimeter. 

Hers's how the power circuit works on the S13:

  1. A 12V signal comes from the ignition switch to pin 45.  Check you have something close to battery voltage on this pin when Ign switch is on.  If not then the problem is somewhere between ecu and Ign switch.
  2. If pin 45 has 12V on it, a small circuit on the ecu board grounds pin 16.  Check pin 16 is showing near zero volt with ign on.  If not then the ECU is possibly missing a main ground connection, or there is something damaged on the board.
  3. When pin 16 is grounded, this triggers the main ECCS relay to engage.  The ECCS relay should then supply 12V to the ECU via pin 49 & 59.  Check at least one of these pins has 12V.  If 1 & 2 look ok but there is no 12V here, then the problem is the ECCS relay or the supply to it. 
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