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WRX107 wiring


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I've encountered a bit of a strange problem with the wiring on my Impreza race car build with WRX107 ecu and just wanted to check that it's normal? My car has a custom loom but is based on an 07 STI item but with after market fuse/relay boxes. I've found that the only way that the ecu will power up is if I connect the wire from B19 on the ecu to the already powered switch side of the main relay? The jumpers are set as for a 2007 car.

 The car was originally wired for a Syvecs using a loom adaptor. 

 I'm also struggling for a base map as the car has a mixture of sensors and non standard injectors etc.

Anyway if you could let me know about the b19 I'd appreciate it.

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B19 is the ignition switch signal, in the factory car this pin tells the ecu to turn on the main relay.  B19 just needs 12V when the ign sw is on.  With the jumpers in 07 position the ecu will ground pin C23 to turn the main relay on.  


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