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H6 ez30d still runs like shit and loses power after it warms up


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I want to know why my car runs like shit. This is by far the most irritating thing I've ever had to do. Please tell me what I gave to do to get my car to run good because I'm about to go set the car on fire. Also please tell me why those idiots at out front motor sport would sell me an atomic knowing that it would be used for an ez30d. They in new the unit didn't have enough drivers for direct spark. The motor is a direct spark not s wasted spark. I've attached a log file and I hope you guys can fix this. I've been working on programming this ecu for months now and it still won't work right. This is way to difficult.1.16.22 log.llgx

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You really need to get a tuner or someone experience involved.  If you have no tuning experience and want to do it yourself then the best option would be one of the online tuning schools such as HP Academy or Evans Performance Academy.  Without a good understanding of the basic fundamentals under your belt you will be chasing you tail forever.  

With only the log and no map I am making some guesses, but here's a few things that jump out at me:

  1. Your wideband isnt working, as I mentioned in your other post you must have a working wideband for tuning. 
  2. You have 3 fault codes showing, you need to fix these.  Analog temp 2 is above error high.  AN Volt 1 is below error low, AN Volt 2 is below error low. 
  3. Probably related to the errors above - Your IAT sensor isnt working and your TPS sensor isnt working.
  4. Idle control is continuously switching on and off causing the RPM oscillation, this looks like it is due to the MAP lockout set too low.   
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