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Car cut out at 25min and 30 seconds into this log file. Can you see why?


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Hi there. Today I got up early and drove for 25min and 30 seconds. I live in Taranaki and I was driving way out in the country. At the time stated I came to a rural tunnel. It was long and dark. I reached for the headlights and turned them on. Instantly the engine cut out. I was still logging. I turned the lights off. Rolled backwards a few meters out of the tunnel cranked the motor with no success for the first attempt. Soon it started and I turned the lights on again and i completed the journey to home.

Can you help me understand my log file? What caused the engine to stop? Why would the headlights do this. Everything is on a relay.Why does the log file say 37,000rpm and other crazy rpm amounts?

Here is a link with:

1. The Log file.

2. The ECU tune file


As always a big thank you to all for your help. Kind Regards


Car is a Lotus 7.

Engine is a Toyota 3sge Beams with ITB throttles.

Ecu: Link G4+ Storm.



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I think the initial cause was the trigger error which gave a large spike in RPM, the RPM limit then cut all fuel which stalled the engine.  

So the question is why did the headlights cause a trigger error...  Really the only common circuit between headlights and trigger sensors is the ground so it would suggest there is a bad or intermittently bad ground somewhere which causes headlight current to pass through the ecu ground at times.  

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