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g4 Storm 1JZ timing issue misfire


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couple of issues, i rewired my triggers with shielded cable and the car is now hard to start timing went from 6 deg offset to 186 deg offset now having issues.


first is a hesitation like timing retard and hard to start 

also went from inj duration of 8ms to 12ms to keep running


i did a log not sure if it captured everything needed but i will attach.


i have attatched original map jeepjz and post rewire to see if there is anything that stands out thats different i did also change map sensor to anv3 to use DI inputs later


ECU Log 2022-04-18 10;10;05 am.llg jeepjz.pclr jeep1504.pclr

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The cam sensor is wired reverse polarity - swap the +/- wires at the cam sensor plug.  

The crank sensor is a bit more difficult to tell for sure, but I suspect that is also reversed.  

Pin 1 is positive, pin 2 is ground.


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