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BEAMS 3S-GE Black Top VVT problems

Alex Toyota Head

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Having a few problems with my Toyota 3sge Beams vvt control.

I suspect a faulty exhaust cam pulley, as no matter how much duty current is supplied, I can't retard the exhaust cam past 2 to 3 degrees. But I think the intake is also faulty as the duty current is all over the place. 

Something I did try was running the Exhaust solenoid output in "Test On", I disconnected the plug from the solenoid and ran the engine. While watching cam timing I just touch the plug onto the solenoid. Cam timing does change, but only worked for a little bit. As soon as the engine got warm, vvt stop working.


I might be thinking way out there, but could low oil pressure be the problem as well, as cam control seems to be all over the place on intake and just about non existent on exhaust.








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On 4/19/2022 at 5:02 AM, Adamw said:

Duty cycle is closed loop and the ecu will give it whatever it needs to achieve the target cam angle.  What you should be looking at is Inlet target Vs Inlet position.  

Yes that’s the question, to achieve the target cam angle, duty current to the solenoid bounces between 20% to 80% duty. 

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