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custom can to and from aim dash


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Im trying to get a few extra peices of data on my can stream to my AIM mxs strada 1.2

Id like it to send temp4 (trans temp), lambda target and lambda ave to the dash for various alarms,

Id also like to dash to send the fuel level value to the ecu for logging purposes.

ive attached my dash config ang link map.

thanks for any help


3.9 VR V6.zconfig 3.9 VR V6 Flex.pclr

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Thanks Adam, everything seems to have worked but the trans temp displays 100 higher than it should, i tried doing a  -100 offset in pclink but that gives us a crazy number

I have reattached the files as i made a few minor changes elsewhere in both.

Thanks again for your time


3.9 VR V6.zconfig

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Sorry, I had put a +50 offset instead of -50.  

File below is a CAN template you can import into the CAN protocol builder in RS3 (arrow + icon at top left of screen).  I have fixed the offset in this file.  

You can then open your dash config and go to ecu stream>change ECU and reselect the rbjett ecu file that will be in the Link category, the temp should then be correct.  


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