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G4+ Fury Missfire and RPM Jumping Around


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Hey Guys,

Car has been running perfect, then randomly last night the RPM readout started to jump up a few 100rpm for a split second

alot of the time and now today it started to missfire as well. No Trigger error counts that I could see.
Here is a link to a google drive folder with the tune file and 2x logs.



ECU logs so doesnt have as much detail as possible, can do a log on the laptop tomorrow and capture everything and update if need be.

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4 hours ago, Adamw said:

Can you do a couple of trigger scopes at about say 2000RPM, looks like a trigger issue to me.  

Have done a few trigger scopes at 2000 and a couple at my normal idle. A small pclog of the idle held at 2000rpm aswell. All attached

Trig Scope 2000rpm.llg Trig Scope Warm.llg Trig Scope Cold Start.llg 2000rpm hold.llg Trig scope 2000 #4.llg Trig scope 2000 #3.llg Trig scope 2000 #2.llg

Have also uploaded a new log to the drive folder from that link attached.
Can see trigger errors all over the show. Will start to check over my wiring for it all till I hear back


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Update. 2 bolts on the back of 1 head came off leaving the ecu ground and passenger coil bank ground unattached. 
Found plug #3 was as if brand new after the 2 drives and numerous idle logs/trig scopes.
Seems like it has killed #3 IGN-1A coil in doing so.
Will order a new one and see how I go. After the ground wires went back on and I did a drive, all the trig errors dissappeared.
Still missfired and popped and banged at idle and deccel tho obviously.
Will come back an update if i manage to get another coil locally, or in a couple weeks when i get back from work and the new coil has arrived.

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