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Traction control compared G4+ thunder to G4x furyx


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Hello dear link specialists, 

within the next 12 months I was going to buy an Link G4x furyx. Main argument for the ECU is the intelligent traction control solution which is able to use the accelerometer and reduce engine torque by Ignition, DBW and boost by several Map options. So far so good. I got an offer of a local workshop that changed a Link G4+ thunder to an EMU black. The Link ECU has not run any second and can be seen as new (old stock). If this is a clever change or not, I could be the lucky to buy a nice Link product.


Is the any disadvantage of the G4+ thunder compared to the G4x furyx in general and  especially according the traction control? I compared the datasheets and the option that the fury offers regarding traction control seems to be way more than the thunder. Is this correct or just an old information or maybe solved by an softwareupdate of the G4+ thunder?


Thank you very much in advance


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Yeah G4+ traction control is much more basic than G4X.  Just cuts only, not proper torque management using a combination of DBW/Retard/Cuts.  Only 2 slip tables, no 4D overlay.  No "use outside wheel based on accelerometer" function, no switchable speed calibrations for different size wet/dry tyres etc.  

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2 hours ago, SchuKingR said:

Why was this feature never added to the Thunder?

That strategy was something one of our engineers came up with when testing TC in G4X,  the test car had LSD behavior that was causing the inside rear wheel speed to oscillate which couldnt be completely masked using the average or fastest wheel options.  Using the outside wheel based on accelerator was the solution.  I havent seen any other ecu offer that strategy.   Unfortunately the G4+ processor and firmware is already maxed out so we cant add anything significant.  

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