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G4+ Fury DBW 73 aux 9/10 error code


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Hi again, we procede with trying to make break in tune and immidiately after car start to move two problems occur. First one is, after very short(100-200-300 meters) drive with light throttle the ECU throw error code 73 aux 9/10 and switch off the throttle and after shut down and restart the ignition it works again, but its occurs again everytime. When playing with throttle in neutral without driving the car it almost non existent, if any. The next strange thing we saw is that when we switch on and off ignition without starting the car, one time the ECU switch on the throttle relay and one time it didn't. We manage to capture on logs the moment when it happens. I am attaching the ECU file and the logs.

E92 2JZ BASE TUNE 28.4.22.pclr LOG BLIP.llg log thr new.llg thr error 55.llg THRPTTLE BLIP 2.llg

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It appears you have a bad connection or bad relay for the E-throttle power supply (pin B5).  All the logs show the same problem with voltage intermittently dropping on the Aux9/10 supply (pin B5), but I will explain the example below.

At just after time 1:12 we can see E-throttle target is 29%, but the TP main is sitting at 8.8%.  We can see the ecu is sending 90% DC to the e-throttle motor trying to make it move.  We can see the E-throttle relay is on all the time.  But Aux 9/10 supply voltage has dropped to 3V and continues to drop to nearly 0V after another second or two.   So the E-throttle relay is on, but there is no voltage reaching the ecu from that relay.  Possibly a bad connection or faulty relay etc.  





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