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Current 2JZ-GE Base Map doesn’t run well what base map tune would work better?

Aria Afjei

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Hi everyone,

Wanted to see if anyone could provide mw with a good base map other than what the SupraLink has provided that it came with. Here is some information of what that I can provide to best determine a better base map. Let me know what the best base map would be

PRP cam trigger

Stock GTE crank sensor

Stock GTE IAC valve Deatschwerks 17U-06-1000-6 injectors

Supra link ecu

Link 3 bar map sensor

Link IAT sensor

Link boost control solenoid 

LQ9 coil on plug kit

90mm throttle body

Innovative wide band

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Based on your serial number I'm going to assume you have a G4x ecu?  Not trying to troll you here, but if it starts and runs and idles, it seems like you would just be in need of tuning - there is no shortcut to the finishline to do it properly.  

You could perhaps attach a copy of your current tune and see if someone can help with specific tables relevant to your modification list, but I don't think you're going to find a ready to go tune.

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