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ISC set up - Hold - Speed when stationary?

Ian C

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I am still at the initial set up phase and slowly learning my way round the Link software so would appreciate some help.


I have been trying to set the idle and engine warm up parameters and noticed that the Idle Status is showing "Hold - Speed" on a number of occasions during the engine runs when the car was stationary in the garage.  Thought it must be a faulty speed input or noise on the connection to the ECU but if I examine the Speed Input parameter (connected to D1, A-30 on the Link Storm ECU), when viewing the log, there is no visible change to the parameter when the Hold - Speed status is active.  I have attached a log taken during the latest engine run (Log 220505 Idle Check) when the Speed Lockout was set to Off but the Hold - Speed status still occurred.


The Hold - Speed status appears to be triggered when the engine speed increases above idle, is there any other trigger for the Hold - Speed status? and if not, what could be causing the ECU to activate the Hold Speed?  I have only had the car out on the road once since the engine has been installed and the road speed input did work correctly on that occasion (Log 220410 Test Run).


I am aware that there are a lot of issues still to sort on the engine & tuning and any advice on how to proceed would be welcome.  I also include the current Map (Map 220505 TPS set) - note the TPS on the idle check log shows the throttle at 0.7%, this was because I had not recalibrated the TPS after adjusting the throttle stop on the throttle body - it has since been calibrated.


Thank you in advance for any and all advice & suggestions.



220505 Idle Check.llg220410 Test Run.llg220505 TPS set.pclr

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Thanks for the response.  I have upgraded the firmware as suggested.


Now running Firmware :

(other details: Boot Code V - 1.9; Board S/N - 52143; ECU Type - 19; H/W rev - 17)


I have performed another engine run and attached the log (see PS) & map.


The Hold - Speed status is still coming up but only when the revs rise above idle.  The car was stationary in the garage during the engine run.


If the guide did not refer to the Hold - Speed being activated by road speed I would have assumed it was referring to engine speed and not have question it.  Am I missing something?


Thanks again for any assisatance,



PS The Log file is too big to attach, I am sure there is an alternative method to upload it but am struggling to remember it at the moment, some guidance would be appreciated.




220513 Warm Up End.pclr

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Hi again,


Apologies - I updated the firmware from my laptop but had not downloaded latest version.


Now running Firmware;

(other details as per previous post)


I have attached the log taken earlier today with the car stationary in the garage.  You can see the Idle Status goes into Hold - Speed mode whenever the engine speed is raised above idle - why is this and is it a problem I need to fix?


I have also attached the current Map which is still very much the base map for a non VVT 1UZ-FE, I have not started the tune yet and any pointers or guidance would be appreciated.


Thanks again,


Log File:





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Still struggling to understand the reason for the Hold - Speed ISC status when car is stationery (see Log file in previous post).  Has anyone an explanation for why this is happening?


Can I just ignore it and proceed with the tuning, any help appreciated.


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Sorry I missed your last reply.  I have just played around with this.  The Idle status is being reported incorrectly, as far as I can see the idle control is all working correctly.  Some testing on the bench it seems if you have the speed lockout turned off, when you open the throttle the status displayes "Hold - Speed" instead of "Hold - Throttle open".  

You can either ignore it, or you can set the speed lockout to one of the other two choices and the status will then be reported correctly.  Idle control will still work with a speed lockout enabled but no speed sensor set up.  

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