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lambda not reading on software but shows voltage?


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having an interesting issue at the moment went out to try and start tuning the car tonight and got everything set up and now on the software the lambda does not show anything. I am sure it is something simple and stupid easy fix but I have no idea what it could be. To make this better this worked fine the other night with no changes besides adding a fuel pressure regulator but in no way did that change anything to do with the wideband. 


in the software an volt 6 reads voltage from the wideband but does not display any reading. another odd thing is all the other an volts are reading slight voltage like .01 - .03  yet those are not being used for anything and do not even have wires connected to them. 


here is the tune file as well as a very short 7 second log as nothing really changes but figured it may help to see?


I also have the tune file but it is 439 kb and I cannot upload it due to size limit of 418kb


any help on this would be awesome cause I really wanna get tuning this thing already.



ECU Log 2022-05-21 11;51;09 pm.llgx

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10 hours ago, Adamw said:

Will need to see your tune.  You have used up all of your upload allowance so share it using Onedrive, google drive, drop box or similar

thanks I have uploaded it to google drive here is the file 


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