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Link g4x plugin and IC-7 dash


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Hi All..

             I have a link g4x plugin with a Haltech IC-7 dash using the Can Lambda control module with both the Wideband and IC-7 Dash on Can 1.

For the life I me.. I cant get the dash going.. Wideband works fine. Ive done a heap of searching but cant find any answers...

Could somone have a look at my tune and see what im doing wrong??

Appreciate all the help in advance


tuned Mike g4x rb26.pclx

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Moved to G4X forum.

Your ECU setup is correct.  You may notice the haltech help file shows "transmit DisplayLink", this is exactly the same as "Transmit Generic Dash" so that is ok.  

Unfortunately I dont have much experience with the Haltech dash to offer much help with that end - did you do the "load defaults" in the beginning?  Did you do the wiring yourself or using Link or Haltech cables?  Beaware the DTM4 pinout is different between Link & Haltech so that catches a few out.  

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HI Adam, 

Thanks for your reply.. Yes on the IC7 I "load defaults" Link G4

 yes I purchased the Link cables (didnt make my own).


I managed to solve the issue with your help... I didnt know about the DTM4 pinout difference between the link and haltech cables. For those who are having a similar issue.. on the Haltech plug that goes into the back of the IC7, swap the High Low Can connections.

As always Adam.. appreciate your help and guidance.






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