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VIPEC VTS Software V 5

Andrew Douglas

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Ive had my Mazda 323 V series plugin ECU disconnected from the battery for some time and now cant connect. Im running IVTS V ECU firmware version and wondering ifI need to download a newer version, but only see V 4 on the the V series download section. 

Is there any where I can get access to the latest Version?


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That is an i Series not V series if it has 5.*.* software/firmware. 

You can use the latest G4+ software with an i series if you like but that wont solve your connection problem. 

I would start by pulling the lid off the ecu case and check you see the blue or green LED inside glowing when ign switch is on - this will at least confirm the ecu is powered up.  

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20 hours ago, Andrew Douglas said:

Thanks for I fo,its classed as V series plugging

What makes you think it is a V series plugin?  


20 hours ago, Andrew Douglas said:

Will check this 1st, however when turning on the ignition I am getting some of the aux outputs activated such as over boost buzzer and boost light

This would generally mean the main ECU power supply is missing.  The ecu will be trying to power up by pulling current through the aux devices that are connected to 12V.  

I would start by unplugging the ECU and checking you have 12V on pin 52 in the plug with ign switched on.  If not you have a blown fuse or bad relay somewhere. 

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