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2GR-FE Turbo - Outside of the table value


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I have a SW20 swapped with a 2GRFE and PT6062 G2 .82A/R turbo. Due to the motor being in the back on the dyno there is no airflow there so the ambient temps are high and causing the turbo to suck in very hot air and the shift cables melt (4 times so far and at $450 a pop I would rather not). Pipes have been extreme ceramic coated and no real way to move them further from the cables and on the road/track there are no issues. So I'm left with road tuning and can use a long flat farm road not far from me with no traffic. So now I will need to road tune myself my question is what happens when you exceed the tabled values in the tune? For example the VVT tuning I want to increase the boost past 20psi MGP but the table ends at 14.5psi. If I change nothing in the table and I hit 20psi does the ECU hold the last know values or go back to a 0 value? Should I increase the steps for the last values to make sure its holding the VVT inlet and exhaust values or just leave it as is?


EVLMR Tune - Home Meth Tune.pclr

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If you exceed the bounds of a table it will use the value from the closest cell.  So for your example table above, if you ran the engine at 5.8psi boost and 8000RPM it would use a value of 4deg.  If you ran the engine at 20psi boost and 4000RPM it would use a value of 25deg.  If you ran the engine at 20psi and 8000RPM it would use 8deg.  

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