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ecu wont connect to PC Link


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Recently installed a new ngttx plugin ecu on my r34, along with a brand new wiring specialties harness & link wideband setup

installed pc link to my laptop, updated drivers.

igniton on to power up the ecu, blue light appears, 

connect ecu to my laptop, but pc link cannot find the device, best ive gotten is a notification that im stuck in boot mode. 

re-installed pc link, re-updated drivers, still no luck. 

on a side note, with igntion on fuel pump continues to prime, has been wired to recieve 12v. could that be an ecu issue, since the ecu isnt on its not able to switch the relay?.

any adivce on where i can go from here?

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I’ve tried re-installing the pc link software and drivers a couple times, unsuccessful.

gone through device manager and located the usb drivers, plugged/unplugged to make sure the computer knows what I’m connecting to.

still no luck.

error I’m receiving is  - 1005

and occasionally the notification window telling me the ecu is in boot mode

Again, any help would be appreciated.


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I would pull it out of the car and power it up on the bench with a couple of little jumper leads or similar, then try connecting.  This will at least eliminate all possible power issues - the fuel pump running continuous would possibly suggest the ecu isnt powered up.

The easiest way to power up is via the barrel shaped TVS diode as shown below.  Connect 12V to the stripped end and ground to the other.



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Yeah I did read about that in another thread, gave it a shot but to no success 

Although the battery may not have been 12v charged.

I’ll give it another go with another battery


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Can you also give us a pic of your connection settings in PC Link (options>connection), and also a pic of your device manager with comports and USB sections expanded out like my example below.



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