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LC & Rolling Launch together still not available?


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I've seen two separate threads (one in 2017 and one in 2018) on this where it's been said by Link that it's being worked on that you can have LC and Rolling LC (latched) working together - however it seems like this is still not the case?

There were some bad workaround suggestions made in the forum using GP tables, etc - however because Link also seems to lack built in Engine protections I've already used the two GP limit tables for engine protection.

So what if any are my options here to have a proper latched/rolling LC and stationary LC?

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Probably the best option you have is set the RPM limit to 3D mode.  Then if you want just a simple launch/two step you can just put the launch switch or conditions on one axis of the main RPM limit table.  Otherwise if you want more complex launch like wheel speed or timer based, then use the 2nd table and use the launch switch or conditions to switch between the 2 limit tables.  

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HI Adam, thanks for the suggestion - I actually did look at the 3D table for LC, however I'm not quite sure how I would be able to set a latched/rolling launch feature this way as I wouldn't know what RPM point to set in the table for every possible combination.  Unless I'm misunderstanding you.


Thank you

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