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Strange VE values needed in fuel table?


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Hi i just started my engine with a base map with some changes.

But to get the engine running i had to lower the VE fuel table to low values like 8% 

In the base map the values was around 20% and the sparkplugs got wet fast.

The engine is a 4cyl 2016cc with big injectors 2200cc.

Lambda is a Link can lambda.

Today i started the engine and run to warm, i attach the log and my map.

My fuel settings is:


What can be the issue?

I want to resolve this issue before starting to tune the engine.

Br Dan

Volvo240_running_ok_but_stange_VE_table.pclr Coldstart_run_to_warm_but_strage_VE_table.llg

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I suspect it will mostly be your fuel density setting is 1/10 of normal so ecu will be injecting 10X more fuel volume to get the correct mass.  I would also suggest changing fuel system type to MAP referenced if the engine has a typical regulator that tries to keep fuel pressure relative to manifold pressure.


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Thanks Adam.

Will test that, i dont think that i have changed that setting. 

I had a look at the first versions of the map, and the oldest one did not have modelled as an option.

So after a firmware update this was the default value with a storm blue base map.

But i need to put on glasses, because i did look at that value and miss the extra 0.


Thanks again Danne.

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