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Monsoon not powering off

Phill A

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Hey team,

discovered my monsoon isn’t turning off when I power the key off.

Found my ign relay is getting a low voltage feed back from the +14v ecu wire which is enough to keep the windings energised and contacts engaged.

Ive disconnected everything but the ect and injectors to see if there’s anything external feeding back into the ecu but no change.

Does it require a diode protected relay of have I got something else funky going on?

scribble if my wiring attached 



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Yes, still live with fuel relay removed.

Aux 1= Idle Speed control, 2 wire pwm 

Aux 2= Cooling fans

Aux 3= Rev counter, factory in dash 84 KP60

Aux 4= Fuel pump relay 

Aux 5= Check engine light, wired to exhaust temp light in factory dash

Aux 6= Boost control, MAC pwm

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