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g4x fuel pressure sensor error on turbo engines.


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Hello, i have a turbo engine running on modelled fuel and following fuel pressure sensor signal.

I have set the error value to 3bar which is the actual pressure of fuel when engine nor running (without boost or vaccum).

My question is , if sensor fail will g4x modified error  pressue value depending on boost and vacuum? or will be always 3 bar?


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  • kirchoff changed the title to g4x fuel pressure sensor error on turbo engines.

The fuel pressure sensor is typically measuring rail pressure so the analog input it is connected to has no awareness of manifold pressure.  The error setting on the fuel pressure sensor analog input will make the rail pressure appear to be fixed at 3bar with no increase with boost to the ecu.  The engine will go rich because the ecu will think the differential pressure is dropping so will increase inj PW.  

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