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1jz-gte VVTI loom to NON vvti ECU adapter

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Hi all i am new but i though this would be the place to find the info.


I need to connect my 1jzgte non vvti engine to a jzx100 chassis with the 1jzgte vvti loom.  I have seen wiring diagrams for the pinouts but i cannot get to grips with how to go about changing the pinout.  My main worry is that i amend the pinout and then there is an issue, i will lose track of what i have moved and how to reverse steps.

Can Link produce an adapter to suit?  Or do you already do this?


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Ok, if it was a link ECU you wouldnt need to change the ecu at all if you were keeping the vvti loom, you would only need to change a couple of wires at the engine end of the loom and some settings in the ecu.  So we would not have any need for such an adapter. 

Try Mark panic at Panicmade.com, he knows his Toyotas well and does lots of adapter harnesses for a huge range of them, far more than you see on his website.  

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