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evo8 PnP on 1G DSM


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I have this problem on Talon 4g63 2G dsm with 1G CAS. i installed link evo 8 pnp but i can't figure out the right triggering. when i chose EVO1-3 and i switch ignition 1+4 with 2+3 car starts but dies after a bit with no vacuum at all so i figure out is timing issue.
i just need to confirm the right trigger evo1-3 or evo7-8 attached is the trigger scope with log on evo1-3 triggeringimage.thumb.png.70571f40b954b673df5699bed57d95cd.png

PC Datalog - 2023-01-17 5;54;52 pm.llgx TriggerScopeLog.llgx

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The trigger pattern matches Evo 1-3 mode and the ecu appears to be happy with it in your log and scope.  Its pretty unusual that you needed to swap ign drives/coils though - that could be some difference between the 1G/2G CAS orientation I guess.  It would pay to lock the ign timing to zero and just confirm that spark is somewhere in the correct ballpark in this case before going too much further.

I suspect your main problem may be just not enough fuel - your log shows only 1.5-2.0ms of inj PW when cranking.  Unless you have 2000cc injectors that is unlikely enough.  So try increasing the master fuel. 

Also, something is wrong with your TPS or TPS wiring, it is bouncing erratically all over the place when cranking.  You accel enrichment is off at the moment so this isnt going to prevent it from starting, but it will need to be fixed for accel enrichment and idle control etc to work.   


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