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S65B40 Cam Control Mode User Defined:(


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BMW S65B40 v8

Moving from g4+ to g4x xtremex...

g4+ had s85v10 and now it doesn't(cam control mode)
Inlet bank tooth offsets - please explain what to write there and what depends on what.
I want to understand how it works.
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LH Exhaust cam sensor needs to be connected to trigger 2, the others can go to any of DI1-4.  Set the VVT to user defined mode, assign the correct DI and aux to each cam in the bank 1/2 settings.  Then run the engine at a fast idle (above the vvt RPM and ECT lockout) and set the cam angle test to "calibrate".  The ecu will automatically determine tooth count and populate the tooth offset tables on its own, the cam angle test will turn itself back off when done.  It should be functional after that.    

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