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Link G4 Prosport gauge


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I have another car which has link G4 and number of inputs from prosport including fuel pressure, oil temp, oil pressure, afr( AEM) .

If I recall correctly the wire which is the signal has been taped into by the ecu expansion loom. speaking to prosport, they said this is not supported/shouldn't be done. This work was done by a garage which tuned/dynoed my car.


I am about to do the same for my e36, what are you thoughts?

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If the fuel and oil pressure use 3 wire sensors then they are ok to share the signal. I wouldnt waste my time if they use the old 2 wire VDO style sensors.  Oil temp would be ok if you connect to an AN Volt input (not temp input).  The wideband gauge should have a dedicated 0-5V output that is designed to be connected to the ecu.  

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