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G4+ Platform Abandoned?


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So I've noticed there have been no updates to PCLink or Firmware for the G4+ generation in over 2 years (v5.6.8.3669, released 10th November 2020).

Has Link essentially abandoned this platform to focus on G4X? Or are there going to be updates to the G4+ platform in the future?

It would be nice, for example, to see a firmware and software update to support the Razor PDM for G4+ ECUs.

Otherwise, it's a shame for customers that have invested in the G4+ platform.

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There will unlikely be any new features added to G4+ as both the hardware and firmware is already stretched as far as it can be.   It was released in 2013 so has had 8years of development on a processor that is now 10years old, its limitations have been reached.   

G4+ had pretty flexible CAN so you can still do most common PDM control related stuff and receive keypad commands from the pdm etc.  

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