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Ac 800 trying to power up ecu to tune or configure with engine off

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The ecu i purchased did not come with a manual and all the online files for this ecu seem to have been removed , with the factory harness having no why to power up the ecu I'm unable to connect and down load maps any help would be greatly appreciated , even a detailed harness pin out would be great 

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Sorry for the slow reply I only just noticed your post.

To power up the ecu the supporting dealer used to supply a power adapter cable that plugged into the 3 pin power connector (brown is neg and red/orange is pos) which had alligator clips to connect to a battery or other power supply.  You will likely have to make your own if you dont have that. 

I've attached a copy of the manual which is pretty generic but has info on the expansion pins etc.  




Arctic Cat M800 PlugIn Manual.pdf

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