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Arm Delay - Gear Cut


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Hi, I’m looking for a setup for a minimum time between gear changes for gear cut control (V44 ECU). I want to prevent false triggering on the gear cut. Right now sometimes my bike double shifts when press/depress the shift button. I’m thinking with virtual aux with timer or something like to get some delay before next shift. If I push the button twice that it will prevent the bike to shift again. Any suggestions are welcome!




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As you need to use a Di as the input for the cut, I think the only option to allow a timer would be to use a Aux out to trigger the Di.

The switch conditions for the Aux out can then be based off the Switch input and a timer condition.

The issue with this is it could introduce excessive delay to the cut response.

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Hi Simon, thanks for your reply! That's not ideal if it will cause a delay to the cut response. Is there any other way to accomplish this? Is this maybe an idea for the next firmware upgrade where there is a delay before next shift cut signal in the gear cut control.

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This is what I'm thinking should work.

Di 1 is your activation input from the bike.

Aux output 4 is looped in to Di2.

You will then use Di2 to activate the cut.

With the set up as pictured the shift cut should not be able to happen with in 1 second of the last.

You can reduce this time by lowering the timer 1 value in Aux 4


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