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V44 on EZ30D H6 subaru engine???


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I just pass a rod on my EJ257 subaru engine so I plan to replace it by a forged EZ30D subaru engine.

The question is that I have the 2010 Vipec V44 of my old setup, and I want not buy an other ECU for fun! So do you think the V44 will be able to run the EZ30D engine?

If I can not run the V44 on H6 engine, do Vipec offer an exchange programe for peaple like me?

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Hi ob1,

FULL sequential fuel and ignition, means that each individual fuel injector and individual ignition coil per single cylinder is fired on it's own firing order /sequence.

Wasted spark is where the ignition coils are paired off with cylinders on the same position on the crankshaft.

For example a 6 cylinder with a firing order of 1 , 5 , 3 , 6 , 2 , 4.

1 and 6 are both at TDC at the same time one is on compression stroke the other is on exhaust stroke.

The same goes for cylinders 2 and 5 and then 3 and 4.

Wasted spark fires the shared cylinders coils at the same time, so for example IGNITION OUTPUT 1 from the ECU would fire coils 1 and 6, 1 maybe on TDC compression and 6 may be on exhaust stroke, if both cylinders have an ignition event at the same time 1 will go through the combustion and power stroke but 6 will simply fire on the exhaust stroke and be wasted to the exhaust system.

However, to a degree I don't believe it is wasted as it can to a degree help burn off any unburnt fuel/air mixture.

Some people believe that wasted spark also wastes coil potential as you are charging and discharging 2 coils at once.

The truth is that the coil that is firing on the combustion stroke is the one doing all the work, the wasted coil does nothing as it takes very little power for the spark to jump across the plug gap on an exhaust stroke process than it does to jump the plug gap on a compressed mixture of air and fuel, especially when boosted and the mixture could actually be at an equivalent compression figure of 40:1 with high boost.

Batch firing or group firing the injectors, basically means that the injectors receive half doses of fuel per triggering event, to keep it simple.

Batch or Group firing can still yield great power and drivability etc, however when it comes to emissions etc, SEQENTIAL IS KING.

I hope some of this has helped.



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