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Canbus configuration


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Hi All,

I'm trying to get my racepak UDXSR dash and ViPec vnet module to read from my V88, have set up the dash ok and am trying to find out what the channel id is from Racepak, however my question hear is, how do I change the channel ID in the canbus configuration in VTS, I have the latest version and firmware has been upgraded ECU ser # is 12xxx, I have tried to change the id but it keps reverting back too ID 1000 or ID 0 I have hit apply each time I have tried to change and even tried a store but no success.



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G'day all so yesterday, finally had success and turned out to be really simple, was on the Racepak forum and typed in the right search info for once, and turns out it has nothing to do with can bus as the interface lead is serial, stupid me, so anyway here is a link for anyone else trying to do this and also there is mention of a proper can bus interface but is only available as one off specials.

http://www.racepak.com/forums/viewtopic ... 8+with+udx



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