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Startup issues V44


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I've just about completed my 2.0L 16v conversion in my Peugeot 205 Gti. It's running a V44 with individual coils/sequential injection. It has mild cams, port and polished head and 11.1:1 CR. Freshly rebuilt with new pistons, rings, bearings etc.

I'm trying to start the bugger. I have successfully installed this same ecu on my 1.9L 8v engine before I did the 2.0L swap running wasted spark and batch injection.

I have 2 trigger signals (#1reluctor, #2 hall effect with pull up resistance), 0 trigger errors, 180RPM cranking speed, have set base timing, verified with timing light on the crank (-112 BTDC). It is a Motronic 60-2 trigger setup off the flywheel. All coils fire, all injectors actuate.

I get an occasional pop when cranking and that's it.

I thought perhaps injector angle was the issue, but with a 260 inlet cam I reckon 390 or 400 should be ok?

Where should I be looking next?

The only issue I have is I'm trying to start it without an exhaust. It has a manifold but that's it. I want to get it started before I send it to the exhaust shop, so we can check the noise. Then off to the dyno. So I am not presently running O2 sensors - would this be the issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If changing the trigger offset as Simon has suggested doesn't work, change the fuel master value to a higher number.

Is the pop out the intake or the exhaust side of the engine.

When you calibrated the triggers did you press F4 to save the changes to the ECU and F2 save file as, NAME.

Just some extra ideas



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Thanks guys, it actually ended up being a mechanical issue - Lifters were pumped solid and holding valves open!

Quick compression test showed the fault. Unfortunately I pulled the head off for no reason, thinking my valves were bent... Don't you love it.

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