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Innovate LC-2 and Subaru EZ30R


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Please forgive my Noob type questions...

I am looking at installing wideband sensor(s) for my EZ30R.

I did read on here some time ago that the Innovate LC-1 was the preferred controller to run with a wideband sensor. This has seemingly been replaced by the LC-2.

I have a few questions about this, but first a bit about my set up. I run an EZ30R with a V88 in an offroad Subaru Forester. It has only two oxygen sensors, which are narrow band, and are upstream of the cats. I hope to get some economy improvements by running wideband in closed loop mode. My questions are:

1. Would it be best to replace both of the narrow band sensors with wideband? OR replace only one with wideband (and keep the other narrow band) OR mount a new bung at the Y junction for the wideband and keep the two narrow band?

2. is the LC-2 the preferred sensor superseding the LC-1?

3. If the LC2 is preferred, WHICH Lc2 controller is preferred? (e.g as I look around Ebay, I see various LC-2 models e.g. 3877, 3795, 3796.

4. Am I correct in assuming that I need one controller per sensor?

5. Why is there such a huge price variance? e.g. this one costs almost $2K: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/INNOVATE-LC- ... 1c3726926b

while this one costs about $230?

http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Innovate-LC- ... 3a90c3a24e

Thanks in advance.


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I would expect the LC-2 to be around the $300-40O

We also like the NGK AFX controller and sensor its not as common or easy to get but they do seem to work very well.

You will need one controller per sensor. If you are looking to trim the over all fuel then a single sensor will be all you need.

However you have the option of trimming on a bank by bank basis if you felt like having two sensors.

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