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Odd LC issue when WOT


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Whenever I went WOT (TP 100%) I would hit 4000 and stay there, which felt like I hit a brick wall, this didn't happen under SAME loads but with throttle below 100% (50-80), so we thought it was ignition related issue and changed coilpacks, spark plugs, rechecked all sensors

in the end, we traced the issue to be LC, however I looked over and over and I don't understand what I've setup wrong, can you guys please take a look? Perhaps I mixed up some settings, but I was under impression the LC was activated, but not set to any given RPM (hence Launch RPM = 0)


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In this case the launch would be becoming active at 55% throttle and 4000rpm buy pulling out 350% of you timing.

This is due the activation control being set to always on.

If you are not using the launch control then set it to off.

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It is hard to check AFR when in LC mode with banging and popping going on, do you have EGT' sensors on the engine to monitor EXHAUST temps when in LC mode, you can add extra fuel to help cool the exhaust valve and turbine to a degree, but also the extra fuel can aid in spool up as it acts as an afterburner to an extent, firing up extra fuel in the hot exhaust gas mix, creates more energy.

But using LC or ANTI LAG you should really monitor EGT's , both of these lead to premature exhaust valve and or turbine wheel failure.

Be careful.



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