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New FW - Gear Shift Control Setup


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I just upgrade to the new FW for the i-series ecu. I’m trying to setup the gear shift control but I have some questions.

Down shift Digital input: OFF -----> I still see the overrun down shift options but I assume this is not working if I set Down shift Digital input to OFF right? What to do with all the overrun Down shift setups?

Blip End Mode, I can’t set this option to OFF but if I don’t use the Down Shift mode do I still need to setup this? I still see Blip response time setup for this option in the menu.

I’m using for End shift mode the timed option but I can’t find anywhere also in the help file what the table is using for time. Is it in seconds or milliseconds?

Driven up Shift Fuel trim: Is this like the old FW in % extra fuel per gear? The old FW you can set till 50% extra fuel but in the new FW you can set a value of max 25. What will this value be ms of % fuel?




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If you dont have a down shift in put then all functions related to the downshift will be inactive.

All the timed functions are in ms.

The fuel enrichment is a % of the total fuel same as old but limited to 25%

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Hi Dave,

I finished the settings but didn’t test it yet.

I’m waiting for some other parts then finish the bike. I will test it soon.

I will post the results! Thanks for asking.


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Hi Dave,

As I promised here is the result of the gear shift control setup.

Everything worked flawless. The track was not ideal for what I want to test but I’m glad that the settings were good and did what I ask.

Just need to tweak a little more but that’s normal. Here’s a log of the shift control.

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