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Evo 8, 270deg cams, map sensor, stall after hot start


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hi team,

looking for some help on my evo 8. car stalls or nearly stalls on hot start but usually recovers ok, just annoying "rev drop" that id like to try and tune out.

ive had a go at logging and trying to adjust the idle table as per below in red highlight to increase timing here in an effort to reducen the variance across the table when warm, but it still seems to almost stall.

can you suggest what im doing wrong or how to reducen the stall zone ?


logs are here;


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the idle ignition table looks a bit busy you could remove the y axis altogether to simplify things.

on a side note how do you get the screen up with the list of all the different functions where you have highlighted your problems in blue

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thanks, you are right, i could simplify the table but thats how it was tuned and given to me from previous owner / tuner.

the data in colours and with blue boxes is an ms excel dump of the logs and then using the MS excel "colour bars" function

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Hi paulr33,

I always use a combination of throttle blade air gap and idle ignition timing table to control my idle and idle load quality.

Please find attached an example idle ignition timing MAP I would normally use.

Give this a try and report what happens please.



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