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Trigger arming threshold


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voltage measured

1000rpm 6.70v

2000rpm 10.5v

3000rpm 12.4v

4000rpm 13.1v

5000rpm 14.7v

engine hesitates around 5200 rpm and then runs up to rev limiter which is at 8000rpm.

arming voltage set from 4.5v to 7v

filtering level from 1 to 4

no changes.

3x sets of spark plugs changed

3x sets of coils changed

3x crank sensors changed

2x fpr changed

3x fuel pumps

dont know where to look any more,

do you have any ideas ?

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Hi Josey,

but are you getting any TRIGGER ERRORS.

Hit F12 runtime values and go to triggers and look.

Can you take a PC log , at 40 Hz, log all parameters and send to us.

Please make sure an AFR WIDEBAND is attached and selected in logging.



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no trigger errors, no single one.

ive try it without boost solenoid, without alternator attached, without idle solenoid, without speed sensor, without rpm and gauge pwm output,

basically engine was running with trigger input (tried without cam trigger), injecors, coils, ect and tps sensor. (all other wires unplugged from vipec connector).

only thing left to try is new trigger wheel :(

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trigger whhel is inside block.

we install another trigger wheel in front of alternator pulley on crank, and it seems that problem is solved.

problem is that there is no visual damage on trigger which is in block.

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