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R32 GTR V88 PlugIn, 4wd light when A/C fan turns on/off


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I have been running my R32 Skyline GTR (RB26) on V88 plugin for more than a year with no issues, but had not yet configured my A/C. I finally got around to doing that recently, and have found that when my A/C fan cycles on or off it will occasionally cause an ATTESA fault and turn on my 4WD light. It mostly happens when the car is idling, but will sometimes happen at cruise as well. I know the 4WD light was an issue with TPS voltage on some cars, but I am fairly certain that I have the jumper installed for that (I will verify and update the post). The light never came on before I set up the A/C. Any ideas?



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I would have thought the AC is totally isolated from the atttesa controls.

The signals that the ECU provides to the attesa is the TPS and the RPM signal

Only thing I can think of is the AC causing noise on either of these signals.

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