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Internal ECU logging


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Hi guys,

i think it is completely stupid problem and you will help to solve it easy.

First thing is that last five or more V44/V88 ecus, firmware upgrade from 4.8.xx to 4.10.2 gone bad.

Never goes smooth, and i must repeat procedure 2 or more times.

I get message that flash has finished successfully, to cycle power off and back on and than click ok, and after that i cant connect to ecu.

I had to manually set COM port and, and only thing i can do is enter firmware update menu.

After 2 or even 3 times, the firmware is successfully installed.

I realize that is maybe happening because im upgrading from 4.8.xx and not from 4.9.9 fw.

But that is not important so much, problem is that after last update on one ecu, engine runs great, BUT internal logging is not working, and it is set like before upgrade.


--- ecu logging "ON"

--- logging rate "50Hz"

--- activation mode "virtual AUX #1"


---function "gp output"

--- switch logic "cond 1 and 2"

--- sw cond 1 rpm > 4000

--- sw cond 2 TPS > 75%

am i missing something?


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Hi Josey,

sorry I have never had this problem.

The only time I have struck issues with FIRMWARE upgrades is when there is some form of back feeding into the ECU.

This doesn't allow the ECU to shut down correctly and therefore the final setup for the FIRMWARE upgrade doesn't work.

It will still run through and appear to have completed but hasn't.

In these cases I disconnect the header connectors and then refit with ignition off.

I then make sure the upgrade has installed correctly.

If it has I then grab my multi meter and search for the live input when the ignition is turned back off again.

In very extreme cases the ECU will still stay online with your ECU when you turn the ignition off.

Remember all accessory relays should have the relays coil positive ignition switched.




nope, if there is back feeding, then in 99% of cases you cant turn off engine, and it is usually because of alternator.

And i allways check is there back feed, and in this few cases ansver is no.



It could be that the max number of logs has been reached. The V series did not have looping logging and could only accept 10 logs.



->ECU controls

--> ECU log file download

no single log in it,


and to be sure, click delete all logs (again)

power off - on,

run the car to get conditions to start logging and nothing, internal log is empty again.

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Hi Josey,

I have had numerous ECU's with back feeding issues, due to incorrectly set up auxillary relays.

The engine stops running when the ignition is turned off, the laptop communications go offline when the ignition is

off also.

Then when trying to do Firmware upgrades if the ECU has ANY form of back-feeding it will hang the firmware update.

The only way to overcome this is to physically disconnect the ECU connector blocks when prompted to turn the ignition off

and back on.

I am not stating that your problem is definitely this.

I just wanted to make you aware of what I have encountered.

I have done many 4.10.2 upgrades with out issues.



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