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PNP Available Features


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Loving the look of the new website! 


Would it be possible to add some info in the help file with respect to the features (i.e. Taco sweep, anti-theft, etc) and whether they work with each PNP ECU? If the feature is compatible, maybe have some nominal settings to get them working? 


So far I'm really impressed with PCLink and the taking the HPA course (with 3 months membership) seems to have been a great investment for $99 to really get to grips with the software and setup. Looking forward to posting some more stupid questions....... everyone has to start somewhere, right?! 



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All features are available in the plugins assuming the ECU is driving / controlling that device. If you right click on any function the help section for that should be displayed.

This will give you a run down on the set up of that function.

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Thanks for the reply. 


I have an EVOLink (IX) in my Evo IX, but I can't get the speedo or taco to sweep when I set them to 'ON'?


The other is Anti-theft, I don't believe this will communicate with the Mitsubishi ETACS unit?

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