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Auxiliary Port Valve wire in and set up for renesis engine


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Hallo, I'm installing a Storm Ecu on 2004 6-port RX-8 but I have problem with the motor that opens the auxiliary ports - how to wire it in and how to set up the auxillary outputs.


If you have any base map for renesis engine to help me to start, that would be superb.



Best regards,


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Hi Janko
We have very little info on the RX8 engine.
Looking at what info I can find through Google the runner control is based of solenoids which can be wired to AUX outputs on the ECU and set as GP outputs with conditions set as required.
There also appears to be a APV motor which will likely be a problem to control as it would require a special driver to allow the motor to be driven open and closed.
Where are you based? As a rotary specialist would be worth asking if they have ever used this valve.
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