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Gear Cut settings


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Some questions about the gear cut settings.

Is there no way of cutting the ignition 100%? I have a very quick sequential gearbox with paddle shifting so I need the rpms to drop as quickly as possible.


How is the fuel applied during the cut cycle? Is it enrichement on the calculated pulsewidth at the time when the ignition cut is removed (e.g. when ignition is back on to normal)


I'm running G4+ Xtreme latest firmware (5.4.3)

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if the driven shift cut is set to 100% and and ignition trim to -15, what is the end result?

Not sure I follow how the trim and cut tables work together.


While the cut is active, how is the fuel trim used? I assume I will run rich during the cut so I thought the fuel trim table was used for reduction of fuel? But it's only positive values in the tables hence my confusion.

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The ignition trim will have no effect as with 100% cut you will have no ignition to retard.

The enrichment is geared to have some extra fuel when the load comes on. I would not expect it to need to add much fuel if any at all.

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