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inition amplifier


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I am after running a bmw 328I as wasted spark using 3 ign drivers and either a 6 post smart coil(or 3 x2 posts)




Using a ignition amp with 6 stock bmw dumb coils to run wasted spark


I am guessing a 3 channel amp would do this(I believe link sell one)


What are peoples experience's with this and am





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Hi Andy


You need one igniter channel per coil.

So if you kept the stock coils you would need two of the three channel igniters.

If you pair coils on the output it halves the available current and you end up with a very weak spark.


The 3 dual post coils are a good option and if you get smart coils saves on an igniter. Note if you go with dual post coils you must run resistive spark plugs.

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Thanks for the quick response


that's what I was leaning towards.


so really either 2 ignition amps or 3 duel post coils are the best way to do it.


would a 6 post say ford v6 coil work on stock link drivers or would that need an amp?


thanks again for your response

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That would be a good coil pack but I suspect it will still require an external 3 channel igniter as it only has a 4 pin plug.

This would be a 12V in and the 3 signals from the igniter.

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