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igniter problems


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Hi there

I seem to be having some issues with my ignitor

I have a toyota corolla with a 4agte engine, link g4 storm ecu with link 2 channel ignitor.

Its a brand new engine so ive been having trouble with the timing and geting it started.

I got it firing and turning over then sudenly no spark what so ever ive checked the coils and leads they seem fine.

But when checking the igniter i noticed something with the wiring

I turned off all the aux out puts but there is still two wires with 12volt and one with 5volt going to the igniter.is that corect or have i wired it incorectly?

Also any other i deas as to why id have no spark now? Posibly stuffed igniter?

Many thanks for your time stefan

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Hi Stefan


You will see 12 Volts on the two wires that head off to the coils.

I would not expect to see one with 5V while the engine is not running.


You can also do a ignition test on each ignition drive.


Also make sure you have selected the correct ignition configuration being distributor or wasted spark.

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Thank you for the reply,

The wire that has constant 5v is the tacho wire just making sure but that wire should be from a aux output and that should be set as tacho on the laptop?

That mayb my problem as i double check everything and even with the keys out of the ignition there is stil power going to that wire.

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Sounds like you might have a back feed. There should be no voltages at the ECU once the key is turned off.

You are correct in the tacho out is a AUX output and will go from there to the dash.

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